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The Kutaisi City Centre Restoration Project

13 March, 2015
On the initiative of the President of Georgia, the Georgian Government made a decision in September 2007 to renovate the historical parts of Kutaisi. The work started in November 2007. The project has ...

Kutaisi Opera House

13 March, 2015
The creation of Kutaisi Meliton Balanchivadze Opera Theatre was preceded by a remarkable fact. In June, 1959 the musical company of Vaso Abashidze Culture Palace staged \"Daisi\" by Zakaria Paliashvil ...

Prometheus Cave

13 March, 2015
Village Kumistavi, where on the 15th of July 1984 the members of Speleology expedition from Vakhushti Bagrationi State Geographical Institute discovered a new cave, is located on the right side of the ...