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Prometheus Cave

13 March, 2015

Village Kumistavi, where on the 15th of July 1984 the members of Speleology expedition from Vakhushti Bagrationi State Geographical Institute discovered a new cave, is located on the right side of the Tskaltubo-Tsageri highway. Location of the Cave is 100m above the sea level. Near the main entrance, the cave is hindered by the lake. The cave is unique for its various volumes of the halls. 16 halls are discovered and each one differs from each other greatly.

Prometheus Cave is one of the richest caves of Europe. It is characterized by the variety of underground rivers and beautiful landscapes. In Prometheus Cave four layers were formed during the different stages of earth development and tourists will be able to walk through this historic territory by path or by boats. The location gives a chance to develop the infrastructure in several other caves on this very territory, where wild speleology will be planned. There will be chances to arrange several-day-tours on an eight km line. Speleological cave diving will be possible as well - this type of sport is considered to be the most expensive extreme sport in Europe. Speleological therapy will be available for asthmatics.