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  State Representative in Imereti   Region

  Office Phone: 0431 24-70-00



Date of Birth:12 February 1977 




2017-2018 Georgian Technical University - Faculty of Law and International Relations (PhD Student)

2014-2016 General Staff Course (Germany) - Land Forces;

2001 Company Commander of Land Forces (Germany) - Land Forces;

1994-1998 United Military Academy(Tbilisi, Georgia) -Land Forces; Qualification of history teacher;


Working  Experience:


August 2018 – to date State Representative-Governor in Imereti Region

2016 - August 2018Georgian Armed Forces Eastern Command - Commander of Land Forces of Eastern Command;

2015-2016   J-7 Military Education and Combat Training Department of the General Staff. - Head of Combat Training Division;

2012-2015 5th Infantry Brigade - Commander of 5th Infantry Brigade;

2009-2010 Headquarters of Land Forces Command - Head of Division of Combat Experience Sharing of  G-7 Military Education and Combat  Training Department;

2009  (May-September)  1st Infantry Brigade - Chief of Staff;

2009  Land Forces Command - Head of G-3 Operational Division;

2008-2009   Land Forces Command - Head of Military Education and Training Department of the G-3 Operational Division;

2007-2008 Participated in the Peacekeeping Mission in Iraq;

2006-2008     3rd Infantry Brigade - Commander of the 3rd Infantry Brigade;

2005 Participated in Peacekeeping Mission in Iraq;

2005-2006       1st Infantry Brigade - Commander of the 11th battalion;

2004-2005    1st Infantry Brigade - Operational Planning Officer of G-3 Department;

2004 August - 2004 December Was participating in Peacekeeping Mission in Afghanistan -  Was participating in Peacekeeping Mission;

2004  16th Mountainous Shooting Battalion -  Chief of Staff;

2003  Was participating in Peacekeeping mission in Kosovo -  Was participating in Peacekeeping mission;

2002-2004 United Military Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia) -  Deputy Commander of Head of Educational Battalion;

2001-2002 United Military Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia) - Commander of Company of Cadet’s Educational Battalion;

1999-2001 United Military Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia) - Head of Company of Training Battalion)

1998-1999 United Military Academy (Tbilisi, Georgia) - Commander of Platoon;




2018 - Staff gun   

2017- Medal of “General  Mazniashvili”

2017- Medal for “Devoted to Motherland”

2014- Medal of I degree for “Unblemished service”

2014- Appointed weapon

2014- Medal for “Devoted to Motherland”

2013- Medal of “ General  Mazniashvili”

2013- Medal for “Devoted to Motherland”

2013- Medal of “General Kvinitadze”

2009- Medal of I I degree for “Unblemished service”

2008- Medal of third degree  of “ Unblemished Service”

2008- Medal for “Military Bravery”

2008-“Bronze Star” medal

2006- Bronze medal

2005- Medal of “Army  Appreciation”

2004- NATO’s medal

2003- NATO’s medal

2001- Bronze medal

2001- Gold medal


Knowledge of Languages:

Georgian, English, German,Russian;

Marital status:  Married (4 children)