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Baghdati is situated in Imereti Region, Western Georgia, by the river Khanistskali. It’s stretched for 815 square kilometers and lies at the altitude of 200 m. Baghdati is located about 25 km from Kutaisi. The winter is moderately cold and the summer is comparatively hot.

In historical sources Baghdati was first mentioned in the first half of the 17th century. However, people have been living in Baghdati since ancient times. Lots of household and martial things made of flint from Neolithic Age were discovered here.

In the Antique Age Baghdati was a profitable geopolitical area. That’s why,King Pharnavaz built a castle called “ Dimna” on the right bank of the River Khanistskali in the 4th century BC.

During King Pharnavaz’s reign and even earlier, timber, wine, honey, flax, cattle and ceramics were exported from here to Europe. Also, when Vartsikhe ( aka “Rodopolisi” or“Vardtsikhe” – the place close to Baghdati)  was developed in many different ways, importing and exporting goods became much better. Vartsikhe was first mentioned in Byzantium sources in the 6th century AD.

There is a unique stand of hornbeam near Vartsikhe. There used to be a palace which was the summer residence for Imereti kings. Now there are only ruins that are called “Napalatevi”.

Baghdati is rich in historical and architectural monuments. Mostly there are Basilica types of  churches and temples but you can also find churches with domes, like Kveda (lower) Dimi and Zeda (upper) Dimi churches, Persati Salkhino church, Obcha church named after St Mary, and Khani St. Giorgi’s church. The latter is the biggest church in Baghdati.

The Basilica type churches were built in the 9th and 10th centuries AD. They include Kveda Zegani St Giorgi’s church, Khani St.Giorgi’s church, Rokiti Church, Tsitelkhevi, Vartsikhe and Obcha St.Giorgi’s churches. In Baghdati there are St.Giorgi’s and St.Tamar’s churches.

Here we have Vani and Baghdati’s eparchial residence. Also, there is Vladimer Mayakovsky’s museum, and the house where the great Soviet poet was born.

Baghdati has a wonderful infrastructure to develop tourism. Various landscapes, breathtaking nature, mild climate and most importantly, its central location in Imereti, are the basis to turn Baghdati into high class tourism centre. Outside the town you can see plenty of interesting sights. Guest houses, horse-riding, hunting, fishing and wine tourism – all are in the process of development right now.

The two mountainous spa resorts close to Baghdati - Sairme and Zekari, are famous for their mineral water and curable features.

Baghdati residents are proud of their wine culture. There are many varieties of grapes such as: Krakhuna, Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Dondghlabi, Kundza, Aladasturi and others. They make different  types of wine out of these various grapes.

Administrative center of Baghdati is located at Tsereteli st.#9



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