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Imereti consists of the following Georgian administrative-territorial units:

Kutaisi (city)

City Hall of Baghdati  Municipality

City Hall of Vani Municipality

City Hall of  Zestafoni Municipality

City Hall of  Terjola Municipality

City Hall of  Samtredia Municipality

City Hall of  Sachkhere Municipality

City Hall of  Tkibuli Municipality

City Hall  of Chiatura Municipality

City Hall  of Tskaltubo Municipality

City Hall  of Kharagauli Municipality

City Hall  of Khoni Municipality

General  Information

Imereti covers  6414.7 km². In terms of population, it includes 535 700 persons (2016), or 15,7% of Georgia’s population. Population density is 85 persons per square km. Administrative capital of the region is the City of Kutaisi. There are 542 inhabited settlements in the region:

Cities: Kutaisi, Tskaltubo, Terjola, Zestaponi, Vani, Khoni, Samtredia, Tkibuli, Chiatura, Sachkhere;

Towns: Shorapani, Kulashi, Kharagauli;

Villages: 529.