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Khoni Municipality Supply with Gas Continues

21 May, 2018

Full supply with gas continues in Khoni Municipality.Gas distribution network at the village Shua Gubi of Khoni municipality was monitored by the Deputy Minister for Economy and Sustainable Development Romeo Mikautadze, First Deputy Governor in Imereti Grigol Dalakishvili, Vice-Governor Ioseb Khakhaleishvili, Mayor of Khoni Lado Jurkhadze and CEO of “SOCAR Georgia Gas” Azer Mammadov.

SOCAR Georgia Gas constructed 25.5 km long gas pipeline in the villages Didi Gubi and Patara Gubi, which enabled 500 families to be connected to the natural gas network.

During the last two years 113 villages were supplied with gas in Imereti region and around 50.000 families were connected to the gas network.