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Monitoring of the works carried out within the framework of the ''Renewed Regions'' project continues

20 May, 2023

The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Irakli Karseladze, inspected the completed and ongoing infrastructure projects in Imereti together with the State Representative in Imereti Zviad Shalamberidze and the Mayor of Kutaisi, Ioseb Khakhaleishvili.

Within the state program "Renewed Regions" initiated by the Prime Minister, the rehabilitation of the buildings located on Paliashvili Street in Kutaisi was completed.
As a result of the works carried out on Chanturia and Mose Khoneli streets in Khoni, 13 buildings, 1 park and the central square were renovated. In Vani, the rehabilitation of 35 buildings, 3 squares, fences at the entrance to residents' houses, and lighting were completed. Also, the central square, the market area and the surrounding commercial spaces were arranged. The works were carried out by the Municipal Development Fund.

With the financing of the "Pilot Regions Integrated Development Program" of the European Union, the rehabilitation of Khoni Boulevard and Givi Kipiani forest-park was carried out. In Vani, the rehabilitation of the square and the adjacent social purpose building on Liberty Street was completed. The total cost of the projects amounted to more than 4.2 million GEL. The projects were implemented by the municipalities.



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