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The center of Terjola was rehabilitated within the framework of the ''Renewed Regions'' program

9 February, 2023

Within the framework of the "Renewed Regions" program initiated by the Prime Minister of Georgia, the implementation of infrastructural projects in virtually all municipalities of the country is in an active phase.

In Imereti region, several projects financed by the program are implemented. Among them, the works provided by the project in the city of Terjola have been completed.

The project included the renovation of Rustaveli Street in the city of Terjola.

7 buildings and 2 parks were rehabilitated.

The "Renewed Regions" program includes 63 municipalities of Georgia. The program envisages the urban renewal of the regions, which implies the development of an important object owned by the state, municipality and private.

After the completion of the program, the central streets will be renovated, rehabilitated squares and other municipal infrastructure will be organized in the regions of the country. Urban locations renewed as a result of new projects will create new opportunities for local residents.