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The gender policy document, strategic and action plan were discussed today in Kutaisi

24 December, 2022

The gender policy document, strategic and action plan were discussed at the meeting held today in Kutaisi.

At the mentioned meeting, The State Representativein Imereti Zviad Shalamberidze emphasized the effectiveness of the measures taken in this direction and added that in the process of achieving gender equality in the country, together with the central government, the local self-government bodies play an important role.

"In our region, municipal budgets, socio-economic development priorities, municipal programs and plans are developed together with members of gender equality councils in such a way as to exclude any form of discrimination.

The gender quota in Georgia has influenced the involvement of women in politics, although this is still not enough, in reality it is desirable to involve more women in politics and especially in decision-making positions.

All countries striving for economic and social reconstruction support gender equality, women's empowerment and their involvement in the country's political, economic and social life. We need more women in politics - in the country, regions, municipalities and villages" - Zviad Shalamberidze.

The activities and principles of the Gender Equality Council of Kutaisi Municipality were discussed in detail at the meeting.

The Council, with its activities, at the municipal level, ensures the fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by Georgia within the framework of international agreements. Among them, the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union, the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Suppression of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention), the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and others.

It is also a priority of the Council to promote the strengthening of gender equality by making policies based on data, conducting research to strengthen inter-agency coordination on gender equality issues and creating an institutional mechanism based on research, gender mainstreaming of infrastructural, health and other services.

In addition, one of the main priorities is promoting the elimination of violence against women and domestic violence, as well as promoting the economic and political empowerment of women.

The meeting was attended by Nino Tsilosani, the Chairman of the Agrarian Affairs Committee in the Parliament, Zaza Lominadze, the Majority Deputy of Kutaisi, and local government representatives.



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