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The State Representative in Imereti Zviad Shalamberidze gave the house keys to 9 socially vulnerable families living in Terjola

30 December, 2022

In the municipality of Terjola, nine socially vulnerable families will meet the new year in a new environment.

Zviad Shalamberidze, The State Representative in Imereti, and the representatives of the local government handed over the keys to the house to the families and congratulated the new residents on the coming year 2023.

“For the fourth year, the house damage program is being conducted in Terjola. During this time we were able to build 19 houses and in total 19 families celebrated their housewarming. This is a very good practice that should be shared by other municipalities. We are planning to build 9 more houses next year. Of course, the mentioned program will continue in the following years" - Zviad Shalamberidze.

In the social direction, in order to strengthen families, a number of important steps were taken in Terjola. Construction of nine new houses was completed this year within the framework of the current "house damage" program.

The program envisages the construction and/or purchase of small-sized individual houses for the socially vulnerable population, whose dwellings are subject to dismantling due to the scale of the damage.

A total of 19 houses have been built with the funds allocated in the local budget of the municipality's City Hall within the framework of the "House Damage" program. The project will be financed from the local budget next year as well.

The relevant commission will study the issue of providing housing for people with difficult living conditions and make a decision as a result of a detailed discussion.



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