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In Imereti, the central and local authorities are implementing joint measures to fully eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster

16 January, 2023

On the instructions of the Prime Minister of Georgia, Leri Barnabishvili, The head of the regional relations department of the government administration, and Ilia Begiashvili, The deputy minister of regional development and infrastructure, are in Imereti to familiarize themselves with the results of the disaster.

Representatives of the central government in Imereti, together with The State Trustee Zviad Shalamberidze and The Majority Deputy Zaza Lominadze, got acquainted with the infrastructure damaged by the strong wind in Kutaisi and noted the current situation.

"As you know, a few days ago in Western Georgia, in particular, in the regions of Imereti, Guria and Samegrelo, there was a natural disaster that affected the population, unfortunately we have one dead and several injured.

Today, after speaking with the Prime Minister at the government session, I came to the Imereti region together with the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, where the developed natural events created a number of problems. We met the mayors and representatives of all the agencies involved in the fight against the disaster.

I would like to point out that from the very first day of the disaster, The Local Government and The Administration of the State Representative of the party had daily close communication with the population.

According to the Prime Minister's decision, funds were immediately allocated to compensate for the damage. In three regions, the houses of up to three thousand private residents have been damaged, the roofs of up to three hundred multi-apartment buildings and about 80 municipal or state buildings need rehabilitation, including about 70 schools. On the instructions of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education has already started work on the restoration of schools. Also, relevant procedures have been initiated in connection with the allocation of funds in the Ministry of Finance. In agreement with the local government, the amount of money will be determined and restoration works will begin immediately.

Tomorrow I will visit Samegrelo and Guria region, there I will meet the residents and representatives of the local government, we will plan further measures in order to solve the problems caused by the disaster to our fellow citizens in a timely manner" - Leri Barnabishvili.

"As a result of the four-day natural disaster in Imereti, 1145 buildings were damaged. According to the primary data, we have calculated the loss and it amounts to 8,100,000 GEL, however, the amount of loss may slightly increase again.

Of course, the state immediately reacts in this direction, and we can already say that we have started to compensate our fellow citizens in a certain direction. This process will continue until all the buildings damaged by the strong wind are covered," said Zviad Shalamberidze while talking to the media.

The representatives of the government outlined measures to solve the problem on the spot and discussed the amount to be allocated to Imereti from the disaster liquidation fund to restore the damaged infrastructure.

Today, the representatives of the central government held a meeting with the mayors of the region, where they discussed the consequences and elimination of wind damage in all 12 municipalities.

At the meeting, they discussed in detail the progress and timely completion of the restoration works of the infrastructure damaged by the natural disaster.

The strong wind in Imereti created a number of problems for 4 days, among which 1145 buildings have had their roofs damaged so far.

Representatives of the central government will hold similar meetings tomorrow in Samegrelo and Guria.



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