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Introducing Heads and Deputy Heads of the Services

28 January, 2014

State Representative-Governor Zaza Meparishvili presented the Heads and the Deputy Heads of the Services. The Office of the State Representative-Governor will be led by Gocha Gabunia, Local Governance Relations Service - by Kote Lomidze, Regional Projects Coordination Service - by Joseph Khakhaleishvili. The Head of the three agencies out of four will be appointed temporarily. Position of Emergency Management Service is still vacant. According to the new regulations, 53 people will perform their duties in the Administration of State Representative-Governor, including 11 permanent and 42 temporarily appointed employees. Vacancies will be announced for the positions. State Representative-Governor will be the chairman of the Contest Commission and the members of the local NGOs will be the members. Contest will be announced in the nearest future, it should be completed in three months.