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Rehabilitation of Gelati monastery complex

24 July, 2020

The Municipal Development Fund, with the financial support of the World Bank, has implemented several infrastructure projects related to the rehabilitation of Gelati Monastery. According to the State Representative in Imereti Zviad Shalamberidze, "The Way of David" will be opened in the coming days.

"With the help of the Municipal Development Fund, another large-scale project has been completed in Imereti, which serves the arrangement of tourist infrastructure. In addition, we will open "The Way of David" in the coming days."  - said Zviad Shalamberidze.

The project managed by the Municipal Development Fund envisages the arrangement of tourist infrastructure in adjacent territory of Gelati Monastery, conservation works of the amortized retaining wall, road, parking, of the Church of the Mother of God, drainage, plinth and chapel (small buildings built on the main church). To strengthen the dome of the church was also arranged lower belt zone.

As for the roofing of the church chapels, the rehabilitation project was developed by Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) legal entity "Heritage of Georgia" with the permission of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. Rehabilitation works were carried out by the tender winner Non-entrepreneurial (Non-commercial) legal entity "International Art Center", which won the restoration of the dome, arms and inter-arm spaces of the temple in 2013-2018. The roofing works were carried out under the supervision of both the International Supervisory Company and the National Agency for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. The roof was provided with a double grout and a waterproofing layer, on the surface of which was glazed tile. Although the executor company had submitted a laboratory report of the tile material (waterproofness, frost resistance, etc.) before the roofing of the temple, 5 months after the end of the project (winter period), a small part of the roofing of the chapels revealed defects in performance - surface damage to the tile. At the initiative of the Foundation, the study of the issue was started immediately. The task of eliminating the defects was given to both the executor and the international supervisory company, which provides for a one-year warranty period for the elimination of defects in the contract concluded with them. At first glance, the defect was rated as a manufacturer defect by an international supervisory company. On behalf of the Foundation, the executing company has already started additional laboratory studies and testing of both damaged and other undamaged roofs, which will allow us to determine the exact cause of the defect. In total, about 1500 sq. meters of roofing of Gelati Monastery has been completed. From here, the Municipal Development Fund covered 576 square meters, the defective part of which, according to initial estimates, does not exceed 10-15% and is about 60 square meters. The identified defect will be eliminated within the framework of the contract concluded between the customer and the executing company, at the expense of the executor and the state will not incur additional funds in it.



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