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Work on infrastructure projects in Kutaisi has resumed today

5 May, 2020

Work on infrastructure projects in Kutaisi has resumed today. At this stage of easing the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, Coordinating Council decided to allow infrastructure and construction works. Accordingly, work will continue in Kutaisi on all the infrastructure projects that were planned and started before the spread of the virus. State Representative in Imereti, Zviad Shalamberidze and acting Mayor of Kutaisi, Davit Eremeishvili inspected the ongoing works on Besik and Beri Tevdore streets in the 19th lane of Ninoshvili Street. According to Zviad Shalamberidze, State Representative in Imereti, from today all companies will be able to resume infrastructure works. "We will allow all companies to work under one condition, they must follow all the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health. Their work will be controlled at all stages by the relevant services, who will meet the conditions, will be able to continue working, "- said Zviad Shalamberidze.

According to the acting Mayor of Kutaisi Davit Eremeishvili, the work processes will be carried out everywhere in accordance with the recommendations. “This is the most important stage that we must go through carefully and at the same time effectively in order to minimize harm to human life and health, as well as the country's economy,” -said Davit Eremeishvili.

At the first stage in Kutaisi have been renewed the works on the infrastructure projects, which are financed by the Regional Development Fund.






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