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2 May, 2020

For Kutaisi 2nd of May is a truly public holiday.With its history, meaning, content and variety of sights. With people who, from year to year, look forward to this great celebration of the city with sincere love for each other. We had special expectations and preparations for this day this year. With respect to tradition and many new deeds, new faces, honored guests and hosts, equally interesting and desirable for all generations.

The brightest part of the idea of ​​the “Gviriloba” was created with the support of the public and charity, and its goal was the noblest: to help people with tuberculosis.

History, Every resident of Kutaisi knows, how beautiful women of this city used to collect donations with high school student girls a century ago and how they used to fasten chamomile on the chests of people who put a symbolic amount in a common basket for the sick. 2nd of May is a day of kindness. And with it, in a way, the day of human health. Today, against the background of the pandemic, when people need more encouragement and support from each other, the tradition of Gviriloba is gaining even more importance.

In the conditions of distance and necessary isolation, for the last decade, the first 2nd of May will end without Imereti and Georgian folklore and gastronomy, exhibitions, flower markets, white-fronted girls, cart and theatrical marches.But all Kutaisi residents, who maintain the civic responsibility for the call of the government and epidemiologists, will congratulates from home his hometown on his most native holiday.Exactly when from all the temples, with the call of traditional bells, the blessing of Kutaisi is revealed.

Congratulations and I believe we will celebrate more ather 2nd of May in this historic city with respect to the worthy people of Kutaisi and your special talents!

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