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April 30 is the Day of the Defense Forces of Georgia

30 April, 2020

April 30 is the Day of the Defense Forces of Georgia. For 29 years, the Georgian army has been developing, strengthening and preparing for all challenges. We are all, each person proud of our soldiers who are always where their homeland and compatriots need them. It is very obvious even now that they are actively involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and are tirelessly protecting our lives and health. Georgian soldiers have been defending the dignity of the homeland in international missions for years, and Georgia has received many thanks for their heroism. Georgia has lost many heroic soldiers in international missions and battles for Georgia's territorial integrity, I bow to their heroism and thanks for your heroism and perseverance. Georgia will never forget your names.

Congratulations to all the representatives of the Defense Forces on the Day of the Defense Forces of Georgia. Thanks for the boldness, for the bravery, self-confidence and heroism that is characteristic only of Georgian soldiers, which you show everywhere and always. We are proud of you!


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