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Monitoring of agrarian markets in Imereti

15 April, 2020
Zviad Shalamberidze, State Representative in Imereti, is personally monitoring the agrarian markets in the region in connection with the approach of Easter. Zviad Shalamberidze visited Zestaponi and Khoni agrarian markets today as part of the monitoring.  These facilities shall continue to operate in full compliance with the safety standards set by the Coordinating Council and in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The distance is maintained on the spot and disinfection is carried out.
The state representative, along with the deputy, as well as the mayors of Zestaponi and Khoni, listened in detail from the heads of the markets about the current situation and once again called for the protection of working conditions in emergency mode so as not to violate the interests of employees and customers. Access to these facilities is possible only with gloves and masks, and the number of entrants is strictly controlled. Volunteers and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will ensure keeping the order.
Recommendations and standards for agrarian markets are approved by the National Food Agency. Requirements are related to the provision of special protective equipment for the commercial staff, strict observance of hygienic conditions and sanitary conditions, and disinfection work on a daily basis. Also, it is important for the market administration to have information about each of the sales staff in order to trace the activities of all of them, their contacts, it is important to determine where they were moving, what were their travel statistics and history.
Today, the main task in the country is to ensure the health of the population. All decisions taken by the Coordinating Council are for the maximum protection of the health of our population.



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