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In Zestafoni the homestead areas are processing with thermal fog technology

1 August, 2019

In Zestafoni actions of preventing of the fight against the brown marmorated stink bug are being actively continues. Today, at 9:30 pm, residential areas in Zestafoni, Shorapan, across Boslevi, Upper Ilemi, Upper Sakara, Zovreti, Puti, Lower Sazani, Shrosa, Dzirula, Goris and Marjev will be treated with thermal fog technology.

èPheromones are being deployed in the rural areas for monitoring purpose. On the perimeter of the forests, "Attract and destroy" stations will be installed, the number of which will double in early August. Throughout the municipality, maize-field are actively proceeded by the cold spraing method.

èToday, Imereti State Representative Zviad Shalmberidze, Municipality Mayor George Goglichidze, Deputy David Magradze, Chairman of the City Council Vakhtang Gambashidze, Lasha Shalamberidze, Head of the Coordination Center for the fight against the brown marmorated stink bug, Members of the monitoring group and representatives of the local self-governments attended and discussed the current treatment events in detail.

èAs noted at the meeting, the fight against Parosana is in a turning point, and the involvement of locals and farmers is important.

èThe notification sms about starting events will be sent to residents 24 hours in advance.