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Monitoring of Infrastructural Projects in Terjola

12 April, 2019

The First Deputy State Representative Zviad Shalamberidze and Deputy State Representative Besik Gopodze inspected infrastructural projects in Terjola municipality with the representatives of local government. At this stage the works are going on the roads connecting Godogani-Nagarevi-Broliskedi and Terjola-Akhalterjola-Chkhari.Overall, the 11-kilometer road construction will be built within both projects.


Also, rehabilitation of bridges damaged as a result of the natural disaster is underway in the municipality. The bridge was damaged as a result of the flooding of the river Rokiana, in the village Bardubani and the pedestrian passage was temporarily arranged for the population. Now rehabilitation of the construction is going on and soon the village will use the new bridge. In addition, restoration works of the bridge damaged in the village of Zanano are also carried out.

Within the scope of the monitoring of infrastructural projects the government representatives got acquainted with arrangement of water system in village Bardubani. After completion of the project 900 families will be supplied with water.

The kindergarten in the village of Gogni is under construction, which costs 244 084 GEL.



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