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Residents of the Village Itkhvisi get Drinking Water Supply

7 December, 2018

After 25 years of living without stabile drinking water supply, residents of the village Itkhvisi reconnected to the water supply network. The Governor in Imereti Shavlego Tabatadze, along with the locals, inspected the relevant works. It took two weeks to install and rehabilitate drinking water pipelines.

 “When I first met the residents of the Itkhvisi village of Chiatura Municipality, they named the supply of drinking water as the major priority for locals. They noted, that for the past 25 years they were getting water from the neighboring village Sveri. I promised them to manage this issue. In two weeks we opened a tap together and as a result of the first stage of works, more than 100 families will get the drinking water. The second stage will include rehabilitation of the water tank and purification facility, additionally providing drinking water to approximately 600 families of the villages: Itkhvisi, Kalauri and Shukruta. There was a identical problem in the village Dzevri of Terjola Municipality and this matter is also settled, by delivering constant water supply. This is an ongoing process and I will do my utmost to resolve the problem of drinking water in every village of Imereti” – said Governor Tabatadze.



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